Why am I building this?

"Most developers who come up with an idea know exactly how they will build it, but no idea how they will reach potential customers." -Rob Walling.

It is this idea by Rob Walling that drives me to create this as well as my own need for a one-stop-shop marketing cloud and collaboration tool that is easy to use and allows me to create hyper-collaborative communities around ideas and concepts.

This platform aims to get you on the right track in developing those crucial relationships with your users. I believe that having a place for your potential users to to follow you and be involved with your ideas is far more important than putting a website out and hoping people visit it. You need to be personal and be available. I believe PigeonHack will transform the way we communicate with our users and how we grow our user base in this crucial early days.

I want a place to organize all my ideas and to create a sort of open-source marketing platform for non-technical makers but especially for technical makers that need a better/easier way to learn, think, and act on marketing initiatives from one place without having to ping-pong between four different communities and tools and without getting lost in tabs and features.

When you're a single founder or independent maker you have chosen a pretty lonely path and it can get really isolating. PigeonHack will step in as your Marketing department and be your place of connection and iteration.

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