Here is where I really lay it all out and scare everyone away.


I feel I wouldn’t be doing good business or being bold enough for you if I didn’t tell you where I try to come from in everything I do. Being of Christian faith and knowing of The battles and struggles in business and life we all go through as humans it is my duty to input Christ into this and also tell you, the user, this no matter the hate or persecution of this business or myself:

I’ve built this Company as I was building myself in Christ and I still am (both). I am what you would call a Christian in diapers. Meaning I have a lot to learn.

Everyone is accepted in this business/platform/company but know that I pray that you will come to know the ultimate Ruler of this life and the next while using this application. May it strengthen you in your journey here and give you the faith one needs to trust in Him and may that spillover into your businesses and shine warmth and light onto everything you do.

I hope to reach your hearts and minds and not only give you good business guidance but a place to start your journey with Christ.

I hope to teach you that the ultimate rebellion is the rebellion against the things of this world. Believe me, I was rebelling against everything and thought I was the most creative bad boy around. You end up just being a lost follower.

I hope to help you know that no matter what you do you can start over.

That lost feeling is a hole in your mind, heart, and soul. Fill it with some bible time.

I hope to teach you that we all struggle in this life with evil and sin and we need each other more than ever and to empower one another to stay on the right path and keep Jesus as your Northstar in all your ventures.

I won’t get into defending the Word with anyone just know that I have done some intense research into the Bible and it’s history and nothing in there has been disproven and we are seeing prophecy come to fruition today, which is just amazing. We are living what was foretold -- blows my mind.

I choose to believe the bible because it's a reliable collection of historical documents written by eyewitnesses during the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. They report supernatural events that took place in fulfillment of specific prophecies and claim that their writings are of divine rather than human in origin.

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